Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to create a tool for service technicians that helps them increase efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, our vision is to always evolve and keep up with the industry and the needs of the users.

Our Mission is to make complex knowledge accessible and widespread by using Augmented Reality. We will do this with our app, which is going to help users in the assembly and disassembly of machines.
Furthermore, we want to minimize the use of big and complicated paper manuals for industrial machines, by having all the necessary information to e.g. ordering spare parts directly in the application, saving time and minimizing wrongful orders.  

Sustainability Development Goals


Our focus is to make the industry more effective and minimize waste and loss of resources in the production and service of machinery. We achieve this by implementing technological solutions, to be integrated into the industry with the purpose of optimizing common processes.


Future production is important to us. By developing a tool to support the repairing processes users get the opportunity of prolonging usage of e.g. machinery, which will help minimize the amount of trash generated in the industry. By preventing unnecessary waste and loss of resources, the potential generation of waste will be prohibited in an early stage. Using our product promotes more sustainable production patterns, and furthermore, we encourage users to be more sustainable in their daily work.

Join us on our journey toward a sustainable future